Patient Resources

We encourage all of our patients to be proactive in their health and to partner with us in their unique healthcare journey.

The guide is fairly extensive. You can use the Table of Contents (which will stay with you) to navigate to different sections and to see where you are.

STAR Family Health TeamWe would like to thank STAR Family Health Team for their assistance in putting this guide together for you.

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Table of Contents

Child & Teen Health

Chronic Diseases & Conditions

Advance Care Planning

Resources you may find helpful:

How to determine your Substitute Decision Maker

Substitute Decision Maker And Powers Of Attorney For Personal Care

Recommended resources:

Palliative and End-of-Life Care

General Screening & Health Promotion

Mental Health & Addictions

211 Ontario – connects people to the critical social and community supports

Guided Self-help Suggestions

1) Compassionate self-care is recommended (regular healthy meals, daily physical exercise, frequent leisurely activities, mindfulness practice and sleep hygiene).

2) Free CBT-based coaching:

3) On-line Peer Support and 24/7 MH support:

4) Information on anxiety and guided self-help techniques/modules:

6) Other websites:

Eating Disorders Supports


Pregnancy, Postpartum & Parenting

This section provides a list of web-based resources to offer helpful information to families and parents/moms to-be on a wide range of pregnancy and parenting topics.


Helpful information and support provided by Mother Reach.

Seniors Health

Sexual Health

PDF - Patient Resources

Other Useful Resources

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