About Us

Focused on Family & Community Health in Perth County.

In short, we are here to provide quality care with compassion to our patients: they are important to us. We are located in Mitchell and service West Perth, Ontario.

Our team of general health practitioners includes six doctors, nurses and our indispensable administrators. We can help with the assessment and treatment of injury and illness. To find out more about our clinics Click Here.

Our mission is to provide quality care with compassion to our patients. Our team of physicians is focused primarily on family and community health.

Our vision is to be a community of caring health professionals, recognized for promoting wellness within Perth County.

Our Team


Dr. Victor Kulczycki

Dr. Sergio Lappano

Dr. Phil Schieldrop

Dr. Liora Steele

Dr. Jocelyn Traher

Dr. Tamar Tsafnat


Lee Ann




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